Sleman - A group of lecturers of UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta across the majors to organize Community Service Program in the form of a Village Website Management Workshop, at Triwidadi Village Hall, Pajangan, Bantul, Friday (28/7). "This program is a series of Partners Village Development Program (PPDM), as a Grant program from the Ministry of Research and Technology Dikti," said Dr. Eny Endah Pujiastuti, MSi, Team Leader of PPDM.

Workshop in cooperation with Karang Taruna Asung Bakti (KTAB) Triwidadi Village presented speakers of Communication Department of UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta, Dr.Subhan Afifi, M.Si, and Dr.Eny Endah Pujiastuti, M.Si.

Subhan Afifi delivered the material on Online News Writing and Eny Endah presented the Place Marketing material through the Website. The event which was attended by 20 members of Karang Taruna was dynamic and fun with the exposure of the concept and practice of writing news online.

"Content is the main component of the website, in addition to an interesting design," said Subhan Afifi. To that end, he motivated the participants to pursue the world of online journalism for the personal development as well as developed the website of Triwidadi village which was being developed by the UPN "Veteran" community service team of Yogyakarta. The participants were trained to gather facts and write news on various village activities and information to be displayed on

"Hopefully, these trainees will be contributors as well as village journalists to Triwidadi village website, so that our village information can be accessed by all netizens as widely as possible." We had difficulties in writing and managing our website "said Muhlis, Chairman of KTAB who is responsible for managing the website of Triwidadi Village .

On the other hand, Eny Endah emphasized the importance of discovering the uniqueness of Triwidadi village that is fit for selling poin of the community empowerment. "The potential of Triwidadi village is a product that can be offered to the public. As well as factory-produced goods, the villages can also be marketed through creative ways," Eny explained.

This Website Management Workshop was a series of activities of Community Service Program which was comprehensive with the theme "DESA TRIWIDADI SENTRA ORGANIC FARMING". The PPDM team consisted of  Eny Endah Pujiastuti, M.Si. (Business Administration Department), Heru Cahya Rustamadji, S.SI, MT (Department of Informatics), Rifki Indra Perwira, S.Kom., M.Eng (Department of Informatics), Danang Yudhiantoro, SE, M.Si (Department of Management) and Endah Wahyurini SP, MSi (Department of Agrotechnology).

"The program activities are designed in various sectors in accordance with the expertise of the field of science of the lecturers who carry out community service," said Eny Endah.

Several other series of PPDM activities that were undertaken by this team were the Development of Village Information System, Training of Village Information System Operator, Integrated Tourism Development, Tourism Development, Organization Structure (Strengthening Organization), Institutional Strengthening Training, Kalimajaro Development, Cultivation Assistance of Garut Plants, Organic Fertilizer Training, Post Harvest Training of  Garut Plant, Product Outlet, and products Promotion. (Dr.Subhan Afifi, M.Si)