SLEMAN - AIESEC is one of the Student Activity Unit (UKM) at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Yogyakarta. AISEC UPNVY annually conducts various national and international work programs. AIESEC UPNVY carries out 2x activities every year, both nationally and internationally.

The Chairman of External Relations, Herra Dwima, one of UPNVY's International Relations department student, said that this international scale AISEC activity is held in summer and winter. "International Big Summer Project" was held in July - August. This activity is a social project that focuses on a particular issue that is based on "Sustainable Development Goals" or Continuing Development declared by the UN. This activity lasts approximately in 2 months and involves foreign students and local students.

"The great enthusiasm of the youth to follow this activity continues to increase every year, as evidenced by the increasing number of participants involved. In this summer, AIESEC UPNVY successfully brought in more or less 37 foreign students from more than 15 countries. The 15 countries included  Turkey, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Australia and Pakistan. It also involves more than 40 local volunteers who have various educational backgrounds, " she added.

Herra added, this activity is divided into 3 forms of social projects. The project focuses on three important things: culture, environment, and entrepreneurship. Within 2 months, they visit various agencies to observe and educate, conduct roadshows to schools to provide socialization to high school students, learn about local culture, conduct extension services to the villages in Yogyakarta, and many more other social activities. In this activity AIESEC UPNVY successfully cooperated with 4 Dinas in Yogyakarta namely Yogyakarta Tourism Office, DIY Tourism Office, DIY Culture Department, and DIY Office of Forestry and Environment. This activity provides many extraordinary benefits and impacts for the participants and all parties involved. The participants can improve their communication in foreign languages, gain experience of cross cultural understanding that is the exchange of cultural understanding because the project involves many students from various countries. This activity is one of AIESEC UPNVY's real work as "Youth Leadership Movement", which is a consistent youth organization to do social movement to the society in Indonesia, and give best experience to the youth. We believe that with the concrete steps we take, it will have a good impact on the environment and bring great change to Indonesia.

Herra Dwima / editor. Dewi publicist