UPNVY, FAVORITE UNIVERSITY IN SOUTH SUMATRA :: dipost pada 18 September 2017

SLEMAN - UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta (UPNVY) is one of the favorite State Universities in Sumatera Selatan. This was revealed when it visited SMK Muhammadiyah 03 Sukaraja, Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) East, South Sumatra, it was attended by 154 students and 20 teachers at UPNVY Industrial Engineering Faculty (FTI) Tuesday (12/9).

The principal of SMK Muhammadiyah 03 Sukaraja OKU Timur, Dra. Arsiah in her speech said that the choice of UPNVY as the purpose of this visit activity was because it is one of the favorite PTN students in continuing study. Arsiah said that it was the first time she visited UPNVY. Previously, a similar visit was made at another PTN in Yogyakarta. She hoped that the visit could increase the students' insight into the world of higher education.

Meanwhile, the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Planning, and Cooperation (KPKS) FTI Ir. Mahreni, M.T., Ph.D. when receiving the visit expressed his pride in organizing the Company Visit activity at UPNVY.

According to him, the Company Visit was a prove of trust of SMK Muhammadiyah 03 Sukaraja OKU East to FTI and UPNVY.

"I feel proud of the Company Visit activities were carried out by the Great Family SMK Muhammadiyah 03 Sukaraja, this Eastern OKU in FTI in particular and UPN" Veterans "Yogyakarta in general", he explained in the Seminar Room Building Agus Salim Tambakbayan Campus.

Alumni Doctoral Program Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia hoped that the Company Visit activity to UPNVY could provide insight to the students in determining the choice of college they would have. In addition, the students could find out the courses and departments in FTI UPNVY.

To have more information. the students were invited to visit the laboratory in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Informatics Engineering Department FTI. The visit to the laboratory was received by the Head of Department of Informatics Engineering, Bambang Yuwono, S.T., M.T. who was accompanied by Secretary of Informatics Department Nur Heri Cahyana, S.T., M.Kom. and Secretary of Industrial Engineering Department Ir. Dyah Rachmawati Lucitasari, M.T. (BMW-FTI)