ILLEGAL PRONE TOURIST PLACE IN THE LAVA :: dipost pada 19 September 2017
smile, SLEMAN – The existence of one tourist attraction in the area of ??Disaster Prone Area (KRB) III in Petung Hamlet, Kepuharjo Cangkringan was stated as being very disturbing and dangerous landscape. The location of the illegal tourist attraction is expected to be passed by rain lava flood in addition to violating various regulations.           

Cornadus Danisworo, geology expert and professor of National Development University (UPN) Veteran Yogyakarta stated that if a rain lava flood occurs, it will likely pass the location again.

"When it is clear, itis safe, but one day it will be passed again," he said after a meeting of Professor Goes to School in Sleman regency, Tuesday (19/09/2017).

He described the existence of permanent buildings on the cliff it would not last long. In particular, he emphasized that if a solid cliff alone was proven to be eroded then the building would not survive either.

"The action as long as the rules exist," he said.

Enforcement, added Danisworo,  depends much on the holder of authority even though it must be done as soon as it becomes more and more formulated.

A good socialization answered the fact of the involvement of local residents in the object of tourism. Data, facts, and even photo exposure should be done so that people know the disaster risk in the area. If it is necessary, it should include the older generations or elders who have felt the impact of Merapi eruption disaster that underlies the rule.

In harmony, Wiendu Nuryanti, academician of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), in which the event raised the theme of Culture-Based Tourism Harmonization and Nutur, said firm action even demolition needs to be done for the violation.

"If it is dismantled not in accordance with the rules, it still will be a precedent even when it is a disaster area," she said.

Professor of Architectural Sciences UGM is assessing the government should have broad insight to be able to enforce the rules. Moreover, the regulations applied have been included in the long process of discussion so that it should be applicable in the field. According to him, the assessment of environmental impacts to the provision of IMB should be the key to the illegal tourist attraction.

The absorption of manpower from the local community is also not the reason for the omission. There should be a comparison of the negative impacts arising with the amount of labor absorption. The woman who had served as a Vice Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia in 2011-2014 explained that  the violation of disaster-prone areas also gives bad image on Indonesian tourism, especially Sleman. Foreign tourists, in particular, will see this conflict and make the tour, though crowded, will not live long.