About The Campus :: dipost pada 10 Oktober 2014

Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta (UPNVY) has two campuses, Seturan Campus and Babarsari Campus. Located in the northern frontier of Yogyakarta City, both campuses have quite a nice view on Merapi Mountain at north. Locations of both campuses can be reached by only about 15 minutes driving from the Yogyakarta’s main airport, Adisucipto International Airport.

Seturan Campus is located right in the main ring road that circles around the city. It is a home to Faculty of Mineral Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Economics. There are about 20 buildings and outdoor facilities in this campus including BNI Bank and ATM Center, University’s Main Office, University’s Main Auditorium, University’s Main Library, University’s Research and Community Service Center, Administration Office, Greenhouses, Canteens and Food Courts, University’s Clinic, Mosque, University’s Shops, University’s Printing Center, University’s Car Wash Center, University’s Warehouse, Student Dormitory, Student’s Union Office, Soccer field, Futsal field, Basketball field, large space of Parking Areas, and many more.

Meanwhile, Babarsari Campus is located close to the city’s outer highway. It is a home to Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Faculty of Social and Politics Science. There are about 15 buildings and facilities in this campus including University’s Language and Multimedia Center, University’s Museum of Geotechnical and Mineral, University’s Laboratory Center, Mosque, University’s Shop, Volleyball field, Badminton courts, Tennis courts, and many more.

Both campuses are surrounded by various types of private boarding houses as well as a wide range of national and international culinary taste. However, local taste of Yogyakarta cuisines is also interesting to try out. The most popular food in Yogyakarta, Meatball Soup served with noodle and green pokchoy called “Bakso”, can be found at every corner of the street.

Night activities in Yogyakarta are quite ardent. Local food stalls and cafes are serving foods for late supper until nightfall. Moreover, many 24 hours convenient stores and drugstores are available everywhere to serve sudden personal care needs.

International Recognition

SASAKAWA AWARD; Award from the United Nations to Dr. Ir. Eko Teguh Paripurno, M.T. for his active role in disaster relief efforts.

VULCANO INTERNATIONAL GATHERING; Gathering in partnership with International Union of Geological Scientist.


COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH ON GEOLOGICAL HERITAGE of INDONESIA – MALAYSIA; research in partnership with Institute Lestari Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GENDER IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; Seminar in partnership with UNESCO, the South African Embassy and the Ministry of Women Empowerment of Indonesia.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MINERAL AND ENERGY RESOURCES MANAGEMENT; Conference in partnership with the South African Embassy and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

TRAINING ON AGRICULTURE POLICY ANALYSIS MATRIX; Training in partnership with Development Alternative Inc. - NGO of USA.


In addition to providing facilities for academic purposes, the university also offers a variety of facilities to accommodate the needs of students to develop hobbies and talents. Students can join the student activity units desired. The Student Activity Units are:

  • Self Defence Club
  • Red Cross Volunteer Corps Unit
  • Vocal Group/Choir Club
  • Marching Band Club
  • Hiking and Climbing Club
  • Sport Clubs (Soccer, Futsal, Basketball, etc)


As the second tourist destination, Yogyakarta offers many interesting places to visit. During free time students can hang out with friends and relatives by visiting various tourist attractions, restaurants/cafes, and museum or movie theatre. In addition, students can also pamper themselves in a beauty salon/spa and a traditional massage counter. Some interesting places to visit in Yogyakarta are:

  1. Premium quality of Movie Theatre (XXI)
  2. Yogyakarta’s Finest Clothing Line Shops (DAGADU, Margaria Batik, etc)
  3. National’s Finest Clothing Line Shops (Ouval Research, Batik Keris, etc)
  4. Yogyakarta’s Finest Bags and Accessories Shops (Dowa Bags, Gendis Bags, etc)
  5. National’s Finest Culinary Cafes and Restaurants (Sushitei, D’Cost Seafood, Solaria, Hoka-Hoka Bento, etc)
  6. Yogyakarta’s Finest Culinary Cafes and Restaurants (Parsley, Kalimilk, Resto Bu Ageng by Butet Kertarajasa, etc)
  7. Traditional Culinary (Angkringan, Warung Bakso & Mie Ayam, etc)
  8. Super Mall with finest local, national and international branded shops as well as food & beverage chains (Hush Puppies, Polo by Ralph Laurent, Guess, Nike, Surfer Girl, Billabong, Gosh, Elizabeth Arden, SKII, Clinique,  Biotherm, The Body Shop, The Face Shop, Etude, Pizza Hut, Starbucks Coffee, Bread Talk, Dunkin Donuts, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Excelso, Baskin & Robbin’s, HagenDaaz, Ace Hardware, and many more)
  9. Hiking to Mount Merapi
  10. Lots of Beaches (white sand beaches at Indian Ocean shores on the south-east and grey sand beaches at Indian Ocean shores on the south)
  11. Museums (Merapi Mountain Museum, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Batik Museum, etc)
  12. Sultan’s Palace and its surroundings.
  13. Malioboro Street and Fort of Vredeburg.
  14. Beauty salon/spa and traditional massage (Erha Clinics, London Beauty Centre, Natasha, etc.)