Mining Engineering

Undergraduate Program

Field of Expertise :

  1. General Mining

Graduate Program

Study Concentration:

1. Mining Environment Engineering

2. Mineral Resources Exploration

3. Hydrogeology

4. Coal

5. Natural Resources Management

6. Mineral Processing Engineering

7. Geomechanic

Human Resources

Mining    Engineering  is  supported  by  doctors, and  masters with field  expertise:

1.  Procurement  of  Water Resources

2.  Coal

3.  Mineral Processing  Engineering

4.  Mineral Resources  Management

5.  Mineral Resources  Exploration

6.  Geomechanics


1. Soil Mechanics     

2. Rock Mechanics     

3. Geophysics

4. Mineral Management

5. Mine Mapping and Measurement

6. Explosion Technique

7. Coal

8. Ventilation

9. Simulation and Computerization


1. Introduction of Geological Field

2. Mining Industry Excursion

3. Open Mine Practice

4. Underground Mine Practice

Available Softwares

Micromine,  Ground  Water  System  Modeling,  Visual  Modflow,  Aqua  Chemistry,  Datamine, Slope Stability: Galena 3.1, Phase 2, Swedge, Rheo Staub; Geological  Data  Management  and  Analysis,  Rockworks  99,  Spatial  and  Non  Spatial  Data  Analysis, Mapinfo, Arc  View,  Autocad  2000,  Kazameru,  Multi Blast.