UPNVY: Sorghum and Sunan Candle Nuts (Kemiri Sunan) in Renewable Energy :: dipost pada 05 Januari 2017

Universitas Pembanguan Nasional “Veteran”Yogyakarta (UPNVY) plays a role in the discussions regarding of the use of standard bio-ethanol fuels in the community/by the people,  considering that it is necessary to develop alternative energy, the renewable fuels.

Technology development must precede the application of such renewable energy. UPN”Veteran” Yogyakarta ardently supports the development of renewable energy, by growing sorgum and sunan candle nuts (kemiri sunan) as the sources in renewable energy, as the initial stage in the development of renewable energy. On this occasion, the presentation of the bio-ethanol fuel from sweet sorghumresulted from the research was demonstrated. This research has been conducted for over three years, and is led by Mr. Dr. Ir. Nurcholis MP.