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Faculty  of  Mineral Technology  UPN  “Veteran”  Yogyakarta  is  the  icon  of  UPN  “Veteran”  Yogyakarta.  FTM  UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta is located at the center of Sleman district, Special Province of Yogyakarta, at Jalan SWK 106, Condongcatur (Northern Ringroad). From the airport, the students can use taxi or Transjogja Bus towards  the  northern ringroad  in  about 5 minutes travel  time.  If  the  student  choose to  use the  Transjogja  Bus, the  student  can go to  towards  the  Transjogja  terminal  right  in  front  of the  1st    campus of UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta.  Also, if  the  student  arrived at Yogyakarta  from  the  train  station,  the  student  can use  the  taxi  and will  be  arrived  at  the  1st  campus  of  UPN  “Veteran”  Yogyakarta  in  about  15-20  minutes.

Speaking of the living accommodation of being student of FTM in Yogyakarta, the students can easily find boarding houses with various standards around the 1 st campus of UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta which cost from IDR 350.000-2.000.000 per month. However, UPN also provided dormitory in the 1st campus which can be use by the students. The location of UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta which located near the town center of Yogyakarta,  give the  student  the  easy access to  tourism  spots,  shopping  centers, and places of worship around  the  Special  District  of  Yogyakarta.  The  Students  can  also  enjoy  culinary  with   various  of  choices  which available at  the  canteen  in  the  campus  and  places around  the  campus  starts  with only  IDR  7000  per  portion. UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta also provided polyclinic for students with medical issues.  However, Jogjakarta International  Hospital  is  also  available  not  far  from  the  campus  for  students  those  who  requires  further medical care. 5


Becoming an educational and research institution  in  earth science and technology, with national  insight  and  international  quality.


  • Organizing  education  and  research  with  curriculum  based  on  competency  which  based on  international  standards,  to  produce  professional  human  resource  in  mineral technology  and energy,  having  national  identity  spirit,  struggling  value,  creative,  and able  to  answer  the  global  challenges.
  • Creating  research  products  that  required  to  develop  science  and  coutry  development.
  • Building  human  resources  in  earth  science,  energy,  and  natural  resources  who  have environmental  insight,  responsibility,  and  have  contribution  to  protect  the  earth sustainability  and  social  welfare.
  • Developing  governance  of  faculty  and  improving  transparent  management  and accountable.


  • Organizing  education  and  research  on  earth science  and  technology  to  support  national building, environmental sustainability, and glory for  Indonesian  people.
  • Producing  qualified  and  professional  human resource  who  devout  to  the  almighty  God.
  • Improving  function  and  quality  of  Tridharma Perguruan  Tinggi  (The  Three  Golden  Ways  of High  Education)  continuously  to  achieve faculty’s  vision.


  • Always  empowering  competencies.
  • Creating  a  conducive  academic  atmosphere  todevelop  Tridharma  whether  for  the  students  and lecturers.
  • Improving  quality  standards.
  • Periodically  doing  curriculum  evaluation.
  • Improving comfortable and complete laboratories and libraries  .
  • Developing  synergic  learning  sytem.
  • Encouraging  productivity  of  science  works  creation.
  • Encouraging  development  of  information  technology based  on  computerized  system  in  every  activities  of Tridharma.
  • Developing  training  centers  for  students  and  public.
  • Working  on  competency  grants  from  inside  or  outside the  country
  • Working in  scholarships  from  various  sources,  including overseas.


  • Have  faith  to  the  almighty  God,  have  the  soul  of Pancasila (Indonesia’s  value of nation), and have a high  self  integrity  as  pioneer  graduates  of  earth science  and  technology.
  • Master  the  basics  of  science  and  skills  in  earth science,  therefore  they  will be able to  find,  explain, and formulate  the  solution  of problems they  may find in  scope  of  their  specialization.
  • Able  to  apply  the  science  and  skills  that  they  have according  to  their  specialization  in  productive activity and social services with appropriate attitude of  ideal  living.
  • Able to  bring  theirselve  to  work either   in  job  based  on their  speciality  or  in  society.
  • Able  to  follow  the  development  of  science  and technology  in  scope  of  their  specialization.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • Geological  Engineering  (Undergraduate  and Graduate)
  • Mining  Engineering  (Undergraduate  and Graduate)
  • Petroleum  Engineering  (Undergraduate)
  • Environmental  Engineering  (Undergraduate)
  • Geophysical  Engineering  (Undergraduate)

Applied Curriculum

  • Based  on  Competencies
  • Research  nuanced
  • Applying  innovative  learning  methods
  • Implementing  the  command  of  Tridharma (Three  Golden  Ways  of  Higher  Education)
  • Applying  Widya  Mwat  Yasa
  • Synergy  between  the  available  department

Supporting Facilities

- Schlumberger Geoscience Petroleum Center

- Library

- Language Service Center

- Mineral Geotechnology Museum


- Internet Hotspot

- Musholla/Praying Room

- Auditorium

- Art Facilities

- Sport Facilities

- Wall Climbing

- Polyclinic

- Cooperative Business Chamber

- Student Dormitory


Alumni of FTM  is  spread  in  Indonesia,  some  of them  even go  overseas.  Some  of  them  has  achieved  a  strategic position  at  managerial  level  in  some  companies  and institutions,  such  as:  Ministry  of  Energy  and  Mineral Resources,  Mining  Department,  Pertamina,  Lemigas, also  multi  national  companies  such  as  :  PT  Freeport Indonesia,  PT  INCO,  PT  Timah  Bangka,  PT  Adaro,  PT Kaltim  Prima  Coal,  PT  Elnusa  Geoscince,  Pearl  Oil,  PT Ricobana Abadi, PT Tanito  Coal Tenggarong  Kutai, and PT  Selat

The  current  number  of  FTM’s  alumni  are  listed  bellow

Geological  Eng    :  4,238  alumni

Mining  Eng    :  3,734  alumni

Petroleum  Eng    :  3,021  alumni

Environmental  Eng  :  306  alumni

Geophysical  Eng  :  278  alumni

TOTAL      :  11,577  alumni

International Activities

Volcano  International  Gathering  (VIG)  2006,  held  by  cooperating  with Geology council  of E S D M,   G o v e r n me n t   o f   D I Y   P r o v i n c e , Gover nment   of   Cent r al   Java  Pr ovi nce, Indonesian  Association  of  Geological  Experts  ( I A G I ) ,   a n d   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   U n i o n   o f Geolosciences  (IUGS). E ar t h  S ci ence- T echnol ogy   I nt er nat i onal Jamboree and Olympic (ESTIJO) August 22nd-23rd  2008  at  Prambanan  Camping  Ground. The  participants  of  this  event  came  from  high  school  students. I n t e r n a t i o n a l   E a r t h   s c i e n c e   S e m i n a r (Geoheritage)