Faculty of Social and Political Sciences :: dipost pada 29 September 2014


Becoming a hight quality faculty in performing education to yield competitive graduates in the global era based on the values of patriotism and multiculturalism.


  1. Developing the learning process by strengtehing the curriculum which is oriented to hard skills as well as soft skills based on the values of patriotism and multiculturalism to yield competitive graduates in the global.
  2. Improving the quantity and quality of research to support the quality of learning process and community service through laboratory optimation.
  3. Developing  faculty  management  based  on  principles  of  good  faculty governance in support of an accountable learning process and academic quality assurance.
  4. Expanding external cooperation to enhance the learning process, research  and the quality of community service.

Message from The Dean

After 20 years of its founding (on September 6th, 1993), the faculty of  social  and  political  sciences  Universitas  Pembangunan  Nasional “Veteran”  Yogyakarta  (FISIP  UPNVY)  has  experienced  a  lot  of achievements. These achievement must be sustained and improved in line with the demands for quality standards of higher education and the work force, as well as the potency and characteristics owned by the faculty. The faculty should pubslish its potency and achievements as  a  way  of  maintaining  faculty  accountability  and  transparance  to both internal and external stakeholders.

This profile book is expected to be the media for the faculty’s public relations to all stakeholders, especially external counterparts such as institutions at home or overseas who hold the opportunity to become strategic partners of the faculty. By publishing this book, it is expected that information can be shared about the characteristics, potency and special  qualities  owned  by  the  faculty  and  the  departments  within the  faculty,  namely  the  Department  of  International  Relations,  the Department  of  BusinessAdministration,  and  the  Departement  of Communication.

I would like to thank to all members of profile-book team who take part  and  contribute  in  preparing  this  book.  May  the  profile  offer information for those who need.


Universitas  Pembangunan  Nasional  “Veteran”  Yogyakarta  (UPNVY)  is one  of  the  oldest  universities  in  Indonesia.  It  was  founded  on  October 8th, 1958 by the decree issued by the Veterans Ministry of Republic of Indonesia  No.  139/Kpts/tahun  1958.  It  started  as  an  academy  by  the name  of  Akademi  Pembangunan  Nasional  (APN)  “Veteran”  Yogyakarta. The  academy  was  established  to  serve  as  an  active  monument  of  the Indonesian independence veterans’ struggle.

After  going  through  several  stages  of  development,  APN  “Veteran” Yogyakarta was developed into Perguruan Tinggi Pembangunan Nasional (PTPN) “Veteran” by the joint decree of the Veterans and Demobilization Ministry and the Higher Education and Science Ministry No. 140/Kpts/1965 on July 30th, 1965. And finally, PTPN “Veteran” was developed into UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta in 1977.

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences was established on September 6th,  1993.  This  faculty  is  the  youngest  faculty  founded  to  respond  the needs of society, along with other older faculties, namely Faculty of Mineral Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Industrial Technology, and Faculty of Economics.

The  Department  of  International  Relations  is  the  first  department established in this faculty. Considering the external development and the market needs, in the 1995/1996 academic year, two more departments were established, namely the Department of Commercial Administration (later changed into the Department of Business Administration) and The Department of Journalistic Communication (later becomes Communication Department). The two new departments started first lecture on August 26th, 1995.

Ever since the establishment of the three departments within the faculty, there has been a rapid development. Currently, the International Relations Department and the Communication Department have acquired the status of ”Accredited B”, and the Business Administration Department achieved the status of ”Accredited A” from the National Accreditation Board (BAN).

Campus Location and Facilities

The campus of FISIP UPNVY is located on Babarsari Street No. 2, Yogyakarta. It is a strategic location because the neighborhood is an educational zone in the eastern part of Yogyakarta. To support learning processes and students’ activities, the faculty has developed various modern facilities namely:

•  Laboratories

•  Multimedia based classrooms

•  Academic system supported by CBIS (Computer Based Information System)

•  Library

•  Seminar Room

•  Public space with internet hotspot facility

•  Mosque

•  Health clinic

•  Sports facilities

The Internship Program (Co-Op / Internship / Job Training)

FISIP UPNVY develops an educational system which prepares the graduates to create new jobs or to  compete in the job market. The Internship Program (Co-Op / Internship / Job Training) is a compulsory subject in which students must spend two or three months to work in a company or other institutions. The internship program functions as a bridge between the academic life and job market. This program aims at (1) giving empirical experience for students about the future employment which is closely connected with the the university life, and (2) improving the quality of graduates to master the competitive edge and to be more prepared to enter the job market. FISIP UPNVY cooperates with various companies, industries, and institutions at home as well as overseas to carry out this program.


PT Freeport, PT Chevron, PT Total, PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PT Pertamina, Indonesian Foreign Ministry, Indonesian Ministry of Commerce, Interpol Indonesia, Thailand Embassy in Jakarta, Spanish Honorary Consulate in Yogyakarta, Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, East Kalimantan Provincial Government, Yogyakarta Special Region Local Government, East Java Local Government, KADIN, Indonesian Stock Exchange, Metro TV, MNC TV, RCTI, TV One, Kompas, ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, United Nation Information Center (UNIC), etc.

Companies / Institutions Where FISIP Students Conduct Internship

PT  Freeport,  PT  Chevron,  PT  Total,  PT  Kaltim  Prima  Coal,  PT  Pertamina,  Indonesian  Foreign  Ministry,  Indonesian  Ministry  of Commerce, Interpol Indonesia, Thailand Embassy in Jakarta, Spanish Honorary Consulate in Yogyakarta, Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, Bank  BNI,  East  Kalimantan  Provincial  Government,  Yogyakarta  Special  Region  Local  Government,  East  Java  Local  Government, KADIN,  Indonesian  Stock  Exchange,  Metro  TV,  MNC  TV,  RCTI,  TV  One,  Kompas,  ASEAN  Secretariat  in  Jakarta,  United  Nation Information Center (UNIC), etc.