Geological Engineering :: dipost pada 29 September 2014

Undergraduate Program

Field  of  Expertise  :

1.  General Geology

2.  Dynamic  Geology

3.  Environmental  Geology

4 . S t r a t i g r a p h y   o f Paleontology

5.  Petrology  and  Mi neral Deposit

6.  Hidrogeology

7.  Geothermal Geology

8.  Petroleum  Geology

9.  Geological Disaster

10.  Engineering  Geology

Graduate Program

Study  Concentration:

1.Geology  of  Mineral Deposits

2.  Environmental  Geologi

3.  Hidrogeology

4.  Exploration  Geophysics

5.  Engineering  Geology

6.  Petroleum  Exploration

7.  Management:

  • Ge o l o g i c a l   R e s o u r c e s Management
  • Mining Management
  • Oil and  Gas Management
  • Groundwater Management
  • Disaster Management

Human Resources

Geological  Engineering  is  supported  by professors, doctors, and masters who divided into  4  group  of  field  experties:

1.  Dynamic Geology:

- S t r u c t u r a l   a n d   T e c t o n i c a l Geology


-Remote  Sensing  Geology


-Geological  Disaster

2.  Petrology  -  Mineralogy

3.  Paleontology  -  Statigraphy

4.  Engineering  Geology -  Hydrogeology:


-Engineering  Geology


1. Paleontogy

2. Petrology and Mineral Deposits

3. Geomorphology, Mapping, and Remote Sensing Geology

4. Sedimentology and Oil and Gas Geology

5. Geodynamics, Structural Geology and Vulkanology

6. Geotechnology, Engineering Geology, and Hydrogeology

7. Geo-computation and Geographic Information System (GIS)


1.  Geological Field  Study  at  Jiwo  Mountain, Klaten  District, Central Java

2.  Geological Mapping at  Karangsambung  Area,  Kebumen  District, Central Java

3.  Geological Excursion  of  Java  Region

4.  Natural  Processes  :  Parangtritis,  Jiwo  Mountain, Karangsambung

Available Softwares

Seismic  Analysis :  Seiswork,  Stratigraphic  Corelation, Stratwork,  Startlog,  Subsurface Mapping:  Z  Map,  CPS3,  Log  Analysis  :  Petrowork,  Seismic  Reprocessing: Geovecteur,  Geological  Modeling:  Petrel,  Aquachem;  Ground  Water  System Modeling, Visual  Modflow, Geotech, Slope  Stable,  Petroleum  Maturity Analysis: Loptain; Geological Data Management and Analysis, Rockworks; Spatial and non Spatial  Data  Analysis,  Mapinfo,  Structural  Data  Analysis:  Dips  2.0,  Stereo, Paleostress, Fault; Newpet, Igpet, Gravity, Rest 2 Dive 3.54 P, IP Win & Progress 3.0, Surfer  8.0