Petroleum Engineering :: dipost pada 10 Oktober 2014

Undergraduate Program

The  Vision of Petroleum Engineering department is  to  become an higher educational institution  with a great quality,  internationally  recognize,  having  national  insight,  and  to  produce  honest  and  creative  graduates.

Curriculum of Petroleum Engineering department is  composed based on Criteria for Accrediting Engineering Program  and  Technology-  ABET  and  adjusted  with  the  needs  of  user  for  the  graduate  with  carefully  refer  to  national  higher education  standard  in  Indonesia.

Petroleum  Engineering  Department  has  two  field  of  expertise,  they  are:  (1)  Oil and  Gas, and  (2)  Geothermal

Human Resources

Petrol eum  Engi neeri ng  i s  supported  by doctors,  and  masters with6 groups  of  field  of


1.  Production  Engineering

2.  Drilling Engineering

3.  Reservoir  Engineering

4.  Formation  Evaluation

5.  Geothermal

6.  Finance


1. Core Analysis     

2. Reservoir Fluid Analysis   

3. Drilling Fluid Analysis   

4. Drilling Cement Analysis

5. Formation Evaluation

6. Pressure Analysis

7. Computer Studio

8. Drilling Equipment Studio

9. Production Equipment Studio

10. Geothermal


1. Geological Field Study at Bayat and Cepu, Central Java

2. Introduction of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Field in Oil and Gas and  Geothermal Companies

Available Softwares

CMG: IMEX, GEM, STAR; ECLIPSE,VIP, PETREL, PIPESIM, HYSYS, PIPEPHASE, Well Test 2000, Saphir, Oil Field Manager, Fekete.