Environmental Engineering :: dipost pada 10 Oktober 2014

Undergraduate Program

Environmental  Engineering  Dept.  produce  graduates  with  competencies  of  environmental management in  sectors  of  :

1.  Mining Environment

2.  Oil and  Gas Environment

3.  Geothermal Environment

4.  Residential  Environment  including  City, Village,  Industry,  Coast, Small  Islands  (including  docks),  Dam, Airport, and Tourism  Environment

5.  Natural  Disaster  (  Flood,  Mass  Movement, Volcanoes,  Drought,  Forest  Fire)

Human Resources

Environmental  Engineering  is  supported by doctors, and masters with 2 groups of  field  of  expertise:

1.  Energy,  Natural  resources,  and  Coal

2.  Area  Development


1. Petrology Mineralogy

2. Waste Technology and Water Quality

3. General Pedology

4. Environmental Hydrology

5. Cartography and Mapping

6. Environmental Information System

7. Geomorphology


1.  Introduction  to  Environment  Component  Phenomena  at:

-  Bayat  District,  Central  Java

-  Merapi Volcano,  Special  District  of  Yogyakarta  and  Central  Java

-  Karst  Ecosystem,  Gunung Kidul,  Secial  District  of  Yogyakarta

2.  Thematic  Mapping Field  Study  at  Karangsambung,  Central  Java

3.  Environmental  Excursion  (Mining,  Oil  and  Gas,  Industry  and  Waste Processing,  Tourism,  City  and  Village  Residential,  Natural  Disaster, etc)  to  understand  the  condition  and  activities  related  to environment.