Geophysical Engineering :: dipost pada 10 Oktober 2014

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate  program  Geophysical Engineering  Includes  the ability to formulate problems and choose the solution method practically according  ro  the  reference  of  applied  core  curriculum  or  institutional. Curriculum  of  undergraduate  program  of  geophysical  engineering  is designed  to  prepare  the  students  with  various  sciences  required  to become  skilled  worker  in  exploration  of  minerals,  hydrocarbon, geothermal,  civil  infrastructure,  and  geo-hydrology.

Field  of  Expertise:

1.  E x pl or at i on   Geoph y s i cs   f or   Nat u r alResources

2.  Exploration  Geophysics for  Oil and  Gas

3.  Exploration  Geophysic for  Geothermal

4.  Engineering  Geophysics

Human Resources

Geophysical    Engineering  is  supported  by doctors, and masters who are expertise in  their



1.  Geo-electric Lab.  

2. Geophysics Computerization Lab.

3. Geomagnetic Lab.

4. Gravity Exploration Lab.

5. Electromagnetic Lab.

6. Seismic Lab.


1.  Geological Mapping

2.  Acquisition  Processing  and  Data Interpretation  for  all  Geophysical Methods.

Available Softwares

Surfer 08, UP2WIN, Res2div, Progress, Mag2D, Grav2D, Geographyc, Elrel, Electe II,  Electre  III,  Corim, Prosys,  Sysmar,  Rocwork  99  and  2002,  Paradigm