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The Department of Communication, FISIP UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta  focuses  on  four  area  of  specialities:  Media and  Journalism,  Public  Relations,  Advertising  and Broadcasting. This is in line with the demands of the fast growing communication industry at domestic and regional market.

The  human  resources  of  Communication  Department, FISIP  UPN  “Veteran”  Yogyakarta  consist  of  20  full  time lecturers. The lecturers acquire Doctor degree and Master Degree from reputable universities in Indonesia and from overseas.

Particular  courses  give  the  students  opportunity  to develop  pratical  skills.  To  train  students  in  practical skills,  the  department   invites  practitioners  from printed media companies, electronic media companies, advertising companies and public relations companies. In current  years,  skills  teached  by   these  practitioners  has strengthened the capacity of Communication Department graduates to compete in communication industries

The  Communication  Department   is  attracting   more students,  is  extending   its  network  as  an  impact  of progress  and  achievements.  This  department  won  the Semi QUE V Grant Program from the Directorate General of  Higher  Education  in  2002-2004,  and  A2  Competition Grant Program (2006-2008). The academic culture is also seriously  developed,  among  other  things  by  publishing two  scientific  journals,  i.e.  Jurnal  Ilmu  Komunikasi (national) and The Indonesian Journal of Communications Studies (international).

Career Opportunities

The rapid growth of communication technology and industry in Indonesia after 1998 has created a promising career opportunity for communication graduates. For instance, the television industries in Indonesia is now developing into the digital era that demands more communication professionals. Moreover, the growth other mass media such radio broadcasters, printed and online newspapers, advertising and public relations increases th need of skillfull and competent graduates of communication.

Various  career  opportunities  available  for  communication  department  graduates  include  opportunities  to become journalists (TV, radio, newspaper/magazine/tabloid, online media), media planners, media analysts and researchers, public relations officers, civil servants in various government institutions at central and local level, entrepreneurs in the field of communication industry, and many more.


To  support  the  teaching  in  various  majors,  Communication  Department  provides  several laboratories,  namely  Press Laboratory, Photography Laboratory, Audio Visual Laboratory (Campus TV), Radio Laboratory, Multimedia Laboratory, and Public Relations Strategic Laboratory.

Concentration / Major

Public Relations

This  major  studies  Public  Relations  and  its  various aspects  as  a  communication  management  for  an institution or a company. The need for professional public relations officers in various companies keeps on rising along with the growth of the economy. This fact is anticipated by training future professionals of public relations with a balanced portion of theory and practice. The various subjects taught include: public relations management, public relations script writing, public relations marketing, public relations research, public speaking, international public relations, public relations  media  production,  integrated  marketing communication, public relations case studies, public relations  media  production  practicum,  media  and government relations, issue and crisis management, public relations photography.

Media and Jurnalisme

This major prepares students to be media professionals  and  journalists  to  seize  the opportunities  available  in  the  rapidly  growing mass media industry. This major studies the media and journalism as a subject in its various aspects,  both  in  theoretical  concept  and  in practice.  The  combination  between  theory and  practice  in  the  laboratory  and  field  work provides  sufficient  skills  for  graduates  to  enter the  professional  life.  Subjects  covered  in  the lecture encompass political economy of media, content analysis and public opinion, comparative mass  media  system,  techniques  for  interview, journalistic  photography,  television  journalistic, radio  journalistic  and  program,  in-depth reporting,  print  media  production,  television program  production,  feature  writing,  online journalistic and media management.


This major prepares graduates to become professionals  in  the  field  of  broadcasting  to  fulfill the demands of television, radio and film industries. Therefore, students are facilitated to  acquire the skills in the broadcasting system. Several subjects taught  include:  Television  Program  Production, Television  and  Radio  Broadcast  Management, Studio  System,  Television  Artistic  Order,  Radio and  Television  Script  Writing,  Television  and  Film Scenario,  Television  Directing,  Radio  Program Production,  Television  Program  Production, Electronic  Editing,  Broadcasting  and  Anchoring, Animation and Multi Media Production, Television Feature  and  Documentary,  Film  and  Television Appreciation.


The development of creative industry has currently become the main agenda of economic development in  Indonesia.  The   advertising  business  has  grown into  a  highly  prospective  industry.  The  advertising major  prepares  future  creative  graduates  to  fulfill the high need in the advertising industry. At the same time, this major also prepares future entrepreneurs in  the  field  of  creative  industry.  This  major  studies the  advertising  world  and  its  various  aspects,  from historical-philosophical  aspects  of  advertising, advertising creative strategy, advertising production, advertising research, up to advertising ethics. Various subjects taught include: advertising project planning, Advertising  Management,  Advertising  and  the Society, Advertising Script Writing, Graphics Design, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Computer Graphics, Integrated  Marketing  Communication,  Print  and Online  Media  Advertising  Production,  Television and  Audio  Advertising  Production,  Advertising Photography,  Electronic  Photography  Arrangement, Advertising Research, Media Planning.